At Alternative Flooring they have that spark of curiosity that inspires flooring to be different. They are proud to be the first exclusive floor company to be a CoolBrand, chosen for their style, desirability, authenticity, uniqueness, originality and innovation.

They are a brand people are excited by.

So what makes them different? At Alternative, they are passionate about creativity and innovation. With a cheeky sense of humour, their modern mix of award-winning natural fibre and wool collections explore texture and celebrates colour in carpet, rugs and runners.

Their customers love their expertise and experience, after all, flooring is a major investment. That's why people can also expect great service from them.

When it comes to the provenance of their flooring, they make products that are ethical and sustainably sourced. In other words they are a breath of fresh air.

Innovative. Creative. Natural. Fun.

Lets face it, they are a rare thing, a flooring brand you can love and trust.

Be yourself, be alternative.

... Closa has Alternative Flooring carpets in each of their Showrooms and the owners, Sam and Andy have them in their own home too.

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